Chiropractic care is safe in pregnancy and here at Nuet Chiropractic we tailor the treatment to your preferences and needs. It is common for women to experience joint, muscle or nerve pain during pregnancy. Discomfort and pains can also continue after or be exacerbated by childbirth.

In the initial stages of pregnancy an increased strain is felt on the body, even morning sickness can put increased stress on the spine and ribcage. Enlarging breast tissue can exert strain on the ribcage and muscles. Dr. Nuet uses gentle treatment of the joints, stretching techniques and soft tissue work in the rhomboids, trapezius, pectoral and intercostal muscles which can be of benefit and provide relief of these symptoms.

In the second trimester the uterus rises and the abdomen enlargement becomes more prominent. The posture alters as a new centre of gravity is found, increased weight is placed on the heels and the natural curves of the spine are often accentuated. These changes can place increased pressure on pain sensitive structures. We at Nuet Chiropractic use treatment including joint manipulation, mobilisation and muscle work which can be helpful during this phase to assist the body in adapting to these changes.

In the third trimester the abdomen rapidly enlarges. Much of the enlarging uterus is borne by the surrounding musculature and pelvis including the rectus abdominalis muscles, the perineum, the pelvic floor and the pubic synthesis.

The hormone relaxin is also released to help relax the interuterine ligaments but this subsequently allows other ligaments to relax. These hormonal changes can result in altered movement patterns and put increased strain on the joints causing discomfort. We at Nuet Chiropractic, and especially Dr. Daniel Nuet, will tailor treatment which can assist in decreasing muscular and joint strain. As the pregnancy nears term treatment can help maintain good sacroiliac function which is important in preparation for labour and delivery.

Described above are the normal changes and discomfort often experienced in pregnancy, we treat these symptoms along with specific pregnancy related conditions. These conditions include persistent rib and chest pain, low back and pelvic pain, sciatica and symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD). We take an in depth history of your condition and progress through pregnancy together with a physical assessment before discussing the appropriate treatment options. If you are unsure whether or not we can help you, do not hesitate to contact us for support and recommendations.