#2 Pavillion Court
Hastings, Christ Church

Monday , Wednesday & Friday

Located on the coast road in between TGIFriday and Dread Head Surf S hop

High Park
Prior Park, St. James

Tuesday & Thursday

The office is near Queens College.
When passing Queens college on your left take the next right after the traffic light.
(its more like a fork)This is Prior Park road. The house comes up very quickly on
your left. It is green with a white picket fence. The office is located down the
driveway and thru the sliding glass door.

Patients are seen by appointment only

Barbados: 246-822-5878

St. Vincent: 784-529-1312

The above picture is the clinic Facility at Beachcombers.

Beachcombers Hotel
Villa Beach, St. Vincent

Approximately every 4-6 weeks, Thursday-Saturday

Located in the spa at Beachcombers Hotel. As you come down the hill, the blue
building directly in front of you houses the spa on the second floor.